Poetry by Jeff Green


Driving Through the Airwaves

by cricketjeff on July 9, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s cars going quickly in circles
And men hitting balls with their bats,
Or Mozart discussions in Köchels
And women with handbags and hats.
The “News Of The World” has been dreadful —
Though sacking the staff seems unfair,
Their bosses stuff everyone’s head full
Of claims they were “quite unaware”.
Now onto some rock I remember,
Some squawking I hope that I won’t,
A play about love in December
And lovers who do and who don’t.
The BBC throws out these baubles,
My radio feeds them to me;
A beautiful singer who warbles,
A man with a physics degree;
But which one to choose from the riches,
To keep me amused while I drive,
It’s jokes that will keep me in stitches,
If I’m laughing I know I’m alive!