Poetry by Jeff Green


The wrong weather

by cricketjeff on September 4, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The weather is lovely
The sun’s in the sky
And I’m in the office complaining
I’m not at all happy
The sky is all blue
I do wish the weather was raining

When the weather is sunny
And it’s pleasantly warm
The ladies of London start parading
But I’m in the office
Just looking at screens
Not out in a park promenading

A short summer dress
On a long sun tanned leg
With maybe a neckline that dips
Make me think of a lady
Who would maybe like me
To salute all her curves with a kiss

And although it’s unlikely
I’ll meet such a girl
In the sun or the rain or the snow
When the weather is sunny
And the ladies are out
I think I should be there so I’d know