Poetry by Jeff Green


Sorry for Myself

by cricketjeff on July 11, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s hard to keep writing in meter
When spluttering’s always free verse
You think that your line’s getting sweeter
But then you erupt in a curse
When snuffles and sneezes afflict you
You cannot keep laminar flow
The horrible bug that has kicked you
Is keener on stop than on go
It’s hotter’n’hell for some others
But you feel the world’s made of ice
And not even viruses’ mothers
Think all of their offspring are nice
I’ve spent half the day sort of snoring
And shivering when I awoke
I have to say being ill’s boring
I feel that the best of me’s broke!

Author notes

Yes I know it’s only man flu and I should pull myself together but damn it all I am a man and if I want to feel sorry for myself I shall!