Poetry by Jeff Green


A Full English Breakfast

by cricketjeff on July 12, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A full English breakfast, then lashings of toast
With marmalade, tea and the rest.
There’s no other nation can equal our boast,
A morning in Britain’s the best!
A croissant or pancakes are fine in their way
But not what you need at the start of the day.

The language of England is man’s greatest gift,
Far better than Chinese or French,
The verses of Shakespeare can give you a lift
While Spanish is still on the bench.
And how did the English give birth to this peach?
By starting with breakfasts that others can’t reach.

A great revolution was born in this land
When industry rose to the heights,
From coal, tin and iron a future was planned,
With steam trains and other delights
And when they could pause after shoveling coal
They fried up a breakfast to rebuild the soul!

Take Newton or Darwin or other great men,
They knew what was needed to start,
A daybreaking meal that scores ten out of ten
Can give even common men heart.
So give up your baguettes don’t make too much fuss
Without a full English you’re no match for us!

Author notes

But we also need afternoon tea

PS Please don’t take me seriously!!!