Poetry by Jeff Green


The Friend Who Came to Stay

by cricketjeff on July 18, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A friend of mine from long ago
Said “could I come to say?”
“It’s only for a little while
And then I’ll go away.”
I should have guessed when he arrived
Beside a steamer trunk
“I cannot sleep if I’m deprived
Of all my favourite junk.”
I only have a tiny flat,
Two beds, a kitchenette,
A bathroom, loo, rack for your hat
The front porch is offset.
No room for extra double beds,
Two statues of three Queens,
A doodat with a dozen heads,
Or several soup tureens.
That trunk belonged to Dr Who,
I’d be prepared to swear.
He’d dip inside and something new
Appeared from who knows where.
A small Ferrari, just two seats
A single decker bus
A wildebeest, six satin sheets,
I didn’t make a fuss.
Just reached inside the yawning crate
To grab a cricket bat,
And bonked the nutter on the pate —
His lights went out like that.
He fell inside his steamer trunk,
The lid self closed and locked.
I’ve kept the best of all the junk
I hope you’re not too shocked.

Author notes

And every word is true!!!