Poetry by Jeff Green


An Odd Affair

by cricketjeff on July 22, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If an ox from Auchtermuchty met a moose in Timbuctoo
It could not be any stranger than the day that I met you
There were ostriches and emus dancing polkas in the park
There were sulphur-chested sunbirds chasing shadows after dark
As the moon began eclipsing and the stars made night of day
You approached me eating ice-cream and the world was burnt away

If the King of Cotopaxi met a yeti in Nepal
He would could not be more dumbfounded than the day I took your call
I could hear hyenas laughing as your words caressed my ears
And the song of seven sky larks soon reduced your voice to tears
But before you started blubbing and you wept an inland sea
You made me a happy chappy when you said that you loved me

Now all owls in Oswaldtwistle give a hoot to hear the news
While alpacas and vicunas weave their wool and watch reviews
They’re agog and tired of waiting for the telling of this tale
With a wave of expectation more enormous than a whale
But I haven’t got an answer, I’m afraid I only know
That like cockatoos love cocktails I’m condemned to love you so

Author notes

Sometimes a silly phrase forms and refuses to go away, then it gets on the phone to its friends and a rally of silly phrases happens in my head, then they leak into my fingers and type themselves onto AP.

I can only apologise and plead insanity.