Poetry by Jeff Green


Bloody Trains!

by cricketjeff on July 25, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The train I was in started stopping
The brakes on that train started popping
The temperature’s climbing
This isn’t good timing
Folk left right and centre start dropping

It’s back on the platform to wait
For a train in a bit better state
But things stay appalling
Somewhere someone’s falling
And all trains stop running, “Just Great!”

So I took three hours getting back
Let’s give all their bosses the sack
Piss ups in a brewery?
Bar miztvahs for Jewry?
What ever they paint white turns black

My good mood soon turned to a bad one
My sweet smiley face now a sad one
Such pure misery
I hadn’t got tea
It must be a year since I had one!

Author notes

Best part of three hours for a 40 minute ride, with the temperature climbing all the time