Poetry by Jeff Green


Sing me Songs of Summer Loving

by cricketjeff on July 28, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Sing me songs of summer loving
Sing me songs of clear blue skies
Take my heart and make me happy
With your pretty lovers’ lies

Bring me kisses when I’m dreaming
Bring me dreams in every kiss
Take my mind and plot a journey
To the centre of your bliss

Ring your changes through my future
Ring your music through my past
Take my thoughts and mend forever
So the love we share can last

String my weakness to your banner
String me safely to your kite
Take the little that you’ve left me
Make the whole of me feel right

Spring was born inside your pleasure
Spring for me is not too late
Take me with you every moment
Teach me what you mean by great

Sing me songs of summer loving
Sing to me for all my years
Take away the hurt and heartache
Hold me close and dry my tears

Sing me songs of summer loving
Sing me back beside your side
Take my all and give me nothing
Just be here deep down inside.