Poetry by Jeff Green


From Now Until

by cricketjeff on July 30, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When love’s no longer poetry
And painting’s not an art
When moonlight doesn’t sing to me
You’ll still be in my heart
When every bird has lost it’s voice
When every rose is grey
I’ll still not make the final choice
To turn your love away
From now until the stars expire
Until the sun turns cold
You will remain my one desire
My own true pot of gold

When Summer skies are filled with clouds
When birds no longer sing
When Lakeland Hills are tamed by crowds
You’ll be my everything
When rainbows cease to paint the sky
When ducks give up on bread
Your name alone will make me fly
You’ll live inside my head
From now until the end of time
You’ll be the best of me
These tender thoughts can be no crime
They’re truth and poetry …