Poetry by Jeff Green


The Hidden Weapon

by cricketjeff on August 13, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The concrete fisted velvet glove
‘S the chosen weaponry of love
The texture of the outer shell
Belies the inner threat of hell

Each tender hold’s a rigid vice
The warmest kiss is fringed with ice
All pleasures hurt when misapplied
To fall in love is suicide

But past the pain the wounds will heal
With all your dreams becoming real
The concrete fist is turned to dust
When liquid love combines with lust

The tortures it condemns us to
Dissolve when love is proven true
And then the heart and soul are free
To live and love in ecstasy

Author notes

Too many long lines are bad for me so sometimes a few iambic tetrameter couplets have to leak out