Poetry by Jeff Green


Millicent Mabelline

by cricketjeff on August 14, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Millicent Mabelline Middlebrook-Marks
Was famous for teas and for walks in the parks,
Her home was near Harrods, its food hall and such,
And chats with its experts contributed much
To the fame of her cakes and her home’s gracious air,
While Maxwell, her cat, sat unfussed on his chair.

Millicent Mabelline Middlebrook-Marks
Was bothered by fizzes and bundles of sparks,
A call from her phone to a service she knew
Sent Billy Fitzpatrick around with his crew.
He chewed on his pencil, he tutted and coughed,
From attic to kitchen, from bedroom to loft.

While Millicent Mabelline Middlebrook-Marks,
Was patient and pensive through all Billy’s barks,
Her wires were “Edwardian” and “well past their prime”,
To leave them in place would be “worse than a crime”.
He sucked still more pencil and scribbled a price,
And Millicent Mabelline thought he was nice ….

So Millicent Mabelline Middlebrook-Marks
Wrote Billy a cheque and set off for the Clarke’s;
She telephoned daily for progress reports,
Then played Connie Clarke on her hosts’ tennis courts,
The calls soon got longer, they spoke about food,
The longer the chat, then the better her mood.

Now Millicent’s back and her home is rewired,
Quite free of the fizzes and sparks as desired,
And Maxwell the cat’s still ensconced on his thrown,
But Millie no longer lives there on her own.
Her scones and her cakes still the fount of her fame
Now Millicent Mabelline Fitzpatrick’s her name!