Poetry by Jeff Green


Vive la Différence!

by cricketjeff on August 16, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A billionaire in Europe would be rich beyond compare,
A billion in The States mere pocket change.
We reckon things in millions but it’s thousands over there,
From either side the other way seems strange.

Americans have gotten what an Englishman has got,
To steal stateside you have to burglarize,
At thirty they’d be freezing over here that’s rather hot,
That burglars burgle should be no surprise.

A zee’s the Dutch for water of the salty, wavy sort,
The alphabet is ended with a zed;
And football there’s not soccer but a strange and brutal sport,
Played armoured with a helmet on the head.

No diphthongs and no accents, and the u is rather rare,
Some rs and es reversed on just a whim,
I don’t think I could make it there’s not cricket over there,
It wouldn’t just be winters that were grim.

Religion’s unofficial but it’s always in your face,
And guns don’t kill but public nipples do,
That world is topsy turvy seen from any other place,
But there’s one thing that I want there, and that’s you!