Poetry by Jeff Green


Watching Stars Dance

by cricketjeff on August 20, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Outside the tent, outside our crystal bubble,
We watch the World, see everything float by
And, unconcerned by other people’s trouble,
We wait for night to interrupt the sky.

A bed of dreams adrift beneath the heavens,
Where stars combine in streaming swirls of white,
The spinning Earth’s the catalyst that leavens
This nightly dance of infinite delight.

While scientists make detailed observations
The rest of us can watch and simply see,
I avidly consume their explanations
And knowledge never dims the poetry.

I feel the need to understand it all,
Infinity inside the very small.

Author notes

It was another day of contrasts, a beautiful morning, an afternoon of heavy rain, then a perfect Summer’s evening and now, despite the overwhelming Aurora Londonalis my binoculars let me marvel at uncountable specks of light surrounded by worlds we will never ever know.