Poetry by Jeff Green


Greener Pastures

by cricketjeff on August 23, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Most children, being foolish, think that growing up is cool;
A job that pays you money must be far more fun than school,
A house, not just a bedroom, and a car you’re free to drive,
So each and every adult should be glad that they’re alive.

Most adults, being wistful, wish that they were young again;
The pleasures of the schoolboy not the pressures heaped on men,
More costs than you have money and more jobs than you have time,
The simple life of children seems to them to be sublime.

The grass is always greener, that’s the rule for one and all,
My problems make a mountain but I know that yours are small.
Other folk can take things easy but they’ll be no rest for me,
Until I have found the answers, or I’ve won the lottery.

The truth ( I shan’t admit it) is that all of us have cares,
And some of mine are greater and some less by far than theirs —
I doubt that I’d be happy if I woke up being you,
But it’s far more fun to grumble than face-up to all that’s true!