Poetry by Jeff Green


The River in the Rain

by cricketjeff on August 25, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The river was a torrent and the ducks were not amused
They sat up on the pavement looking bothered and bemused
No children throwing breadcrumbs and no island where they doze
Just noise and boiling torrents where each drainpipe overflows

The moorhens like to scuttle through the willows trailing leaves
But now they had to huddle under rusty warehouse eaves
The sun had started peaking and the rain was on the wane
But puddles take their time to find a handy roadside drain

A steady flow of shoppers under multi-coloured roofs
Weaved through the maze of water like detectives seeking proofs
But none had time to worry that the ducks were in distress
Their tidy little river filled with all the city’s mess

Tomorrow will be sunny and the children will return
The flood will be abating and the muds no longer churn
The ducks will start to dabble while the geese begin to cruise
And the moorhens in the willow can resume their lunchtime snooze