Poetry by Jeff Green


There are Prizes

by cricketjeff on August 26, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There are prizes I would play for, there are races I would run
There are acts that I would stay for, in the spaces left for fun
There are woods I want to wander, muddy bogs I’ll worry through,
But I’d rather spend my evenings next to you

When I’ve scaled the highest mountains and I’ve swum the widest sea
When I’ve danced through all the fountains on a tour of Italy
When I’ve sampled Roman cuisine, and I’ve nibbled something new
I will still prefer to spend my time with you

All the hearts I’ve watched you breaking left their owners with a smile
Every chance I watched you taking left you smiling for a while
You’re a dangerous conundrum, you’re the word that has no clue
When I’ve finalised this puzzle, there’ll be you

In my dreams you’ll be my lover when there’s nothing left but dreams
I’ll leave nothing undercover and I’ll never hide my screams
But I’ll hold you for forever and I’ll pay whatever’s due
If I get to spend a lifetime loving you