Poetry by Jeff Green


The Stars Still Shine

by cricketjeff on August 30, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When lights go out the World’s a darker place
And every child’s a bright and shining star
A special spark illuminates the face
Of those we raise and hope will travel far

They give us life, and change the way we see
From gurgling tots to hulking teenage brutes
A child’s composed of living poetry
The tree of life has grown the sweetest fruits

Not every day can make you want to smile
But smiles remain whatever else is lost
We only hold the brightest stars a while
And every child is worth the highest cost

Now Prosper lives as dreams in others’ hearts
And while we dream the spirit never parts

Author notes

It seems a lifetime ago, and yesterday, that I faced the prospect of losing a son. My heart goes out to anyone who is forced to take a step further than we did.

But no-one you love ever dies, they are part of you forever.