Poetry by Jeff Green


Making Love on Summer Evenings

by cricketjeff on September 1, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Like the sound of summer raindrops as they kiss a concrete path
Or the popping of the bubbles in a sweetly scented bath
Is the brushing of your stockings as they decorate your thighs
And I slip a little deeper in the whirlpool of your eyes

Like the scent of crispy bacon from a bakers that I know
Or the perfume from a garden where the honeysuckles grow
Is the promise you are breathing as your lips encounter mine
Dressed in undiluted passion and a hint of dry white wine

Like the glow of Autumn starlight over gold encrusted trees
Or a million swirling starlings as they surf the evening breeze
Are the patterns you are weaving in the fabric of my mind
As I glimpse the best you offer and we close the bedroom blind

Like the touch of cherry blossom as if flutters down in spring
Or the feeling of forever when you hear a skylark sing
Is the way that you surround me make me more than I could be
Making love on Summer evenings is to live in poetry