Poetry by Jeff Green


A Risk Worth Taking

by cricketjeff on September 5, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A little bit of heartache is the risk you have to take
For summer sun on chilly winter days
To see a midnight rainbow take a chance your heart will break
Or fly above the greatest air displays
I’d love to climb forever but I know sometimes I’ll fall
I’d rather lose ten thousand times than never love at all

It needs a Ninja killer’s nerve to ask her for her name
But any fool can smile and close his eyes
And no-one will condemn you if you never try the game
Just sit alone and die in silent sighs
But I would walk a tightrope in a January gale
To have another chance to win although I’m sure I’ll fail

I want to live in colour not a single shade of grey
I love the ups so put up with the downs
The awful squawks of practice are the way to learn to play
And Autumns golds will pay for all her browns
What’s life if there’s no loving, all the pain is worth the chance
That the orchestra starts playing and it’s time for you to dance