Poetry by Jeff Green


The Snaggleduff

by cricketjeff on December 17, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Snaggleduff of Bondnercray
Has had a very grumpful day
First his snaggle curler wouldn’t
Then his mother said he shouldn’t
Snaggleboard across the bay
To find a little friend to play

You may think this was enough
For any playful snaggleduff
But heaped on this was so much more
Our snaggleduff just had to roar
One thing came upon another
Chiefly caused by little brother!

It was not his fault the doobey spilled
Nor did he keep the bondbits chilled
And though he could have drubbled clean
To tell him off was very mean
It really isn’t right at all
To let him off because he’s small

Now if you were a snaggleduff
You may decide to cut up rough
But this is not our hero’s way
Even on a grumpful day
So all he does is mutter low
And take his troubles down below

Author notes

If you happen to know any Snaggleduffs please let them have a read and tell me what they think.