Poetry by Jeff Green


His Girl!

by cricketjeff on September 6, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Unkept, uncrushed, uncultured
In every way a pearl
So delicately sculptured
A goddess of a girl
Intelligent and witty
Yet innocent of life
More beautiful than pretty
The girl he’d make his wife

And then he met Matilda
A diamond in the rough
Refinement would have killed her
She liked her loving tough
No painted high class model
But turned a million eyes
A girl you wouldn’t coddle
She looked for screams not sighs

And now they’ve formed a couple
Unmatched they make a team
Unbending and unsubtle
They swim against the stream
He still dreams he’s the diver
Who plucked the perfect pearl
But she’s the great survivor
Imperfect but his girl!