Poetry by Jeff Green


Vin Nouveau

by cricketjeff on September 6, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Who remembers Grandad’s stories when they see a pretty girl?
Who can concentrate on picnics with emotions in a whirl?
There’s a bench that’s almost rotten, in a small secluded glade,
Where a past was half forgotten and a better future made.
Now a pair, no longer children, are exploring once again,
Seeing things they never noticed in their world of “way back when”.
Far above a smiling presence lifts the twilight as it falls
On two unsuspecting creatures finding moonlight’s secret halls.
He has brought a box of chocolates, and a hope he hardly sees,
She has brought a cake she made him, and a promise not to tease.
So they sit to talk and nibble, by the table that they’ve found,
In a spot they’ve both forgotten is a plot of sacred ground.
They’ve returned here from their childhoods, just the latest in the line,
Who will fall in love forever while the Moon pours out the wine.

Author notes

Yet another sequel to The Moon Pours White Wine you can see the others of the series here