Poetry by Jeff Green


Bikini Bottoms

by cricketjeff on September 8, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Bikini bottoms can reveal,
Some sights their owners should conceal,
On golden beaches everywhere,
It seems that people just don’t care!

By gaily castled seaside sand
A gull eats borrowed fish and chips,
A dinner someone else had planned
While watching passing yachts and ships.

Bikini bottoms fit too well,
It isn’t only seas that swell,
And food you buy along the prom
Can help you blow up like a bomb!

A father buried to his neck,
A well dug model of a wreck,
And cricket played with grandpa’s socks —
It’s six and out just past those rocks!

Bikini bottomed beauties doze
In Summer dreams that no man knows
I love the way the rear part peeks
From in between well rounded cheeks!

Beneath the pier where teenage hands
Seek teenage breasts and teenage sighs,
Auditions for some local bands
Send notes of discord to the skies.
Bikini bottomed padded seats
Are promising September treats …
But back to where I parked the car
It’s time to leave this Shangri-La.

Author notes

Bournemouth Beach …

Dunno if this works.