Poetry by Jeff Green


Minerva’s Dreams

by cricketjeff on September 14, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Minerva wasn’t happy as an ordinary cat,
It needed something more to make her purr.
She dreamed of fighting battles in a black three-cornered hat,
With powder burns and bloodstains on her fur;
A rolling deck beneath her and some wind-filled sails above,
She saw a pirate picture and Minerva fell in love.

Most cats believe that treasure is a fish or dish of cream,
Minerva wants more booty in her hold.
A haul of Spanish silver dressed with rubies is her dream,
And wooden chests that burst with stolen gold.
She’d fight throughout the rigging with her sharpened cutlass claws
And seize the captain’s lady in her heartless pirate paws.

Minerva’s done with chasing after rats and silly mice,
Minerva thinks she’ll run away to sea,
A rollicking adventure and some rum would be quite nice,
She’s off to be a pirate after tea
But first a tin of tuna before dozing in the sun,
Then raise the Jolly Roger for a bit of pirate fun!

Author notes

I may extend this rather, I wish I had some artistic talent this cries out for illustration!