A Complete Nonevent.

A Complete Nonevent.
by cricketjeff on July 16, 2021.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
It’s hard to write about a nonevent,
I booked the jabs and turned up as required
The queue was long the staff would not relent
I had to wait till two mins had expired.

Then in my car for fifteen minutes wait,
I watched a bit of cricket on my phone
In case the jab had left me in a state
For just that while I shouldn’t be alone.

At 1am I woke and felt a chill
I shivered for an hour or maybe three
In bed at night and feeling slightly ill
Seems not too high a price to pay for me.

Then twelve weeks wait to do the same again
Sweet peace of mind for very little pain.

Author notes
The biggest problem was the cricket I was watching didn’t go too well