A day full of life

A day full of life
by cricketjeff on March 28, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The ebbing and flowing of waves as they wash up the beach
We’re watching the water and sand interplay in the waves
See toes of the paddlers that suddenly jump out of reach
The silly straw hat that a mother just runs up and saves

The screaming and shouting and running of children at play
With moaning and groaning and sleeping of Dad “watching out”
The building and shaping of castles can last the whole day
And fussing by Mothers who think that beach safety’s in doubt

Now ice-creams and laughter and burying John in the sand
Together each family playing and building their dreams
Forming memories everyone shares help us all understand
That the best bits of life are all here and not at the extremes

I’m telling this tale of a day for a husband and wife
But I hope you can see that it’s really about all of life!

Author notes
Well in a sense this is a sonnet since it is a fourteen line poem in pentameter
with the Shakespearian rhyming pattern. However the feet are basically ternary
(three syllable) sort of anapaestic, rather than binary and iambic.

It is intended to make a day on the beach a metaphor for a whole family life,
don’t know how well that bit works though.