A Heartfelt Plea

A Heartfelt Plea
by cricketjeff on April 12, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Why won’t the simple-minded understand
That gravy made for gander goes with goose;
But men whose heads are buried in the sand
See simple truths as needlessly obtuse.

“We can’t be cowed by bombs and heartless threats”
They say, then play the bombers at their game.
With pious tears they offer sad regrets
To those bereaved when missiles miss their aim.

If you like soup, and don’t mind going blind,
Then offer teeth for teeth and eyes for eyes.
All those who do leave sanity behind,
Nobody wins when everybody dies.

Before we see another genocide,
Can’t we insist that compromise is tried?

Author notes
I don’t like my couplet, I shall sleep on it.