A perfect stocking filler

A perfect stocking filler
by cricketjeff on December 3, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Christmas morning will appear
A stocking full of Christmas cheer
For that stocking there’s a queue
As in that stocking there’s a you!

Next to it will be it’s twin
The toe end’s where I’ll begin
Kissing each up to the top.
That isn’t where I’ll stop!

Christmas morning filled with joy
Will be this slightly aging boy
If he finds his stocking filled
With a goddess nicely chilled

There will be suspender snapping
Once I’ve started the unwrapping
Expensive papers you must choose
As very little did you use!

Christmas morning loads of fun
For Christmas stuffing you’re the one!
Have to see what we can do
To fill a bird as fine as you!

After dinner one more treat
Guess what’s served up as the sweet
Christmas presents are a dream
When they’re filled with well whipped cream!

Christmas teatime round the tree
Another present there for me
Places left we can explore
When you ask for something more!

Lots of time is left for play
Before the end of Christmas day
So many things we’ve left to do
But what comes next is up to you!