A Picture of Romance

A Picture of Romance
by cricketjeff on January 6, 2016.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I was walking by a river where the willows dipped their leaves
And an ancient whitewashed cottage hoarded martens in its eaves.
Then a passing idle artist painted sheep into the skies
But I couldn’t see tomorrow in your eyes.

There were moorhens in flotillas and a swan without a care
While a flashing flock of swallows hoovered midges from the air.
On the other bank two golfers, chatted waiting for their green
But your smile declared our pasts had never been.

In the distance London’s skyline seemed a cardboard silhouette
And we tried to read the writings of a single south-bound jet.
From a hill of blossomed bushes came the sounds of children’s play,
But the only sight I studied was the you I love today.

Author notes
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