A place I know…

A place I know…
by cricketjeff on April 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
A quiet day, a busy park, but there’s a spot I know
You mustn’t say, would spoil the lark, there’s just one place to go
Behind the lake, beneath a tree, a sunny glade no-one can see
Make no mistake, go there with me, and we can be all wild and free

A nice warm day, a perfect friend, and loving on the grass
With time to play, lets not pretend, want smacking on the arse?
Out in the air, in natures way, and well before it’s dark
We just won’t care, that as we play, the world is in the park

Author notes
A couple of people complained that I made my lovers go inside at the good bit
in a previous poem, just for them…