A silly song for writers

A silly song for writers
by cricketjeff on February 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
If love to find I have the time
To write my life and love in rhyme
And search for phrases so sublime
That readers just say oo

I hope that you love po-ems too
And use good words in all you do
Then you are just one of few
That treats the language well

If you’re a poet you can tell
The perfect phrase just by its smell
From the obverse you run like hell
To stay within your art

Choose your subject that’s the start
The opening line, important part
Then simply open up your heart
Not writing is a crime!
Author notes
I accidentally wrote something in “linked triplets” which is really quad rhyme
slipped by one line so I thought I’d try it on purpose, hence the above