A special day

A special day
by cricketjeff on May 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
No girl he met on Monday ever knocked him off his feet
    Or took away the wind that filled his sails
No Tuesday girl would cherish him and make his life complete
    They always found the devil in details
There was a girl from Wednesday but her mother came between
    Her daughter was too good for such as he
And Thursdays were a desert not a prospect to seen
      The first half of the week had let him be
When Fridays came he dressed up smart and ventured off to town
      Where ten-a-penny girls kept far away
One Saturday he met and loved a beauty, Molly Brown
    But everybody knew she’d never stay
But Sundays were quite different, on Sundays life went right
    And all the girls he met would seem to smile
On Sundays he was not so plain but Dave the human kite
    And men who fly unaided all have style