A strange romance

A strange romance
by cricketjeff on January 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
In the tomb where you lay rotting there were sounds of the undead
You were waking from your slumbers in your coffin of a bed
With the hunger of the vampire and the lusts you knew in life
There was certain to be trouble for a girl or for a wife

Through the night your form is sailing as a cloud so inky black
As you search a pretty victim with a neck you can attack
Don’t you know my precious master that I’m here for you to use
I am still your faithful servant though I’ve no life left to lose

When we wed I was a beauty and my face was widely known
But your darkness was within me and my seeds of death were sown
Still I crave to feel your lusting and I want you to destroy
Every morsel of my body if the act would bring you joy

You’re the pain that drove me crazy you’re the fangs that drained my blood
You are all I’ve ever dreaded you could drown me in a flood
And whatever you could cost me I would still be here for you
I’m the only wife who loved you and each night my love is new

So I’ll steal for you a beauty though your lusting hurts my eyes
I will drag her to destruction and endure her dreadful cries
For next day inside your coffin there is only room for two
And our bones will intermingle as I take what’s left of you

Author notes
And no, I do not have a subliminal craving to be a female victim of a
Transylvanian count!!!