A tender beauty

A tender beauty
by cricketjeff on July 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
There’s a very tender beauty hidden deep inside the rose
That is quite unlike the brashness of the petals that she shows
It is hinted in the fragrance that she throws into the air
But is only shown in total in the love that she can share

There’s a warmth far down in Texas that is felt despite the heat
Of the sun that makes an oven of an ordinary street
It’s the warmth that flows from feelings that are centred on the rose
That is only found in Texas where the best of loving grows

There’s a heart that’s badly damaged by a life that went astray
And it beats inside the chest of one who suffers every day
But despite the way her body has betrayed that tender heart
She’s a fresh and tender lover most accomplished in the art

There is love and there is passion and I feel them both inside
Though I’m told because I’m English that my feelings often hide
But the rose that grows in Texas has a splendour all can see
And it’s plain to all who see us that she means so much to me