A Time to Die

A Time to Die
by cricketjeff on October 10, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
It’s sad to say but also true
The same for me as it’s for you
And though I know it makes men cry
There is a time to die

We live our lives at breakneck pace
Ignoring what we have to face
Whatever tricks we find to try
We all are going to die

The richest men you’ll ever meet
The down and out left on the street
Share little more than air and sky
And that they’re doomed to die

So only fools procrastinate
There isn’t time to sit and wait
Or you won’t have a chance to fly
Before your time to die

And I’m no fool I’ve things to do
A life to live alongside you
And while the world see you and I
I’ll never want to die