by cricketjeff on March 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The cradle of the human race,
Where modern man first showed his face,
The homo races natal place –
That’s Africa.

Massive mountains topped with snow
With plains and jungle far below,
Where all of nature seems to grow
Wild Africa

Mother Nature’s widest span,
Safari could be perfect plan,
For anyone who finds they can
See Africa

The racist farmers tried to rule
And keep all others out of school.
The ideas of a crazy fool:
South Africa

Mad dictators still in charge,
Qualified through repechage,
Put rampant killers out at large
Poor Africa.

Unhinged gangs who rape and kill,
Mutilate for morbid thrill,
Brutality is with us still!
In Africa.

Democracy may start to thrive
While there are good men left alive
And to this end we all should strive
For Africa.

A thousand races interbreed,
To share resources out of need
And say good-bye to foreign greed,
Save Africa!

All man’s best and worst are here
With rule of justice or of fear.
Support the good and hold it dear
All Africa…