Alternative seductions

Alternative seductions
by cricketjeff on October 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She’s lost inside the daydreams in her head
And far away from where she seems to be
So beautiful, half naked on the bed
But hasn’t got a thought to spare for me

The characters she reads are all she knows
Their every word is played across her mind
I’m left admiring all her body shows
Stuck in the world that she has left behind

I dreamt the words each night and wrote each day
A writer in a long and lonely life
But now they set a thousand minds at play
A thousand pretty girls are now my wife

We’re many miles and many years apart
But words have tied her beauty to my heart

Author notes
The picture is by Fabian Perez
And can be found, along with many other fine works of art on http://