An evening out with a friend.

An evening out with a friend.
by cricketjeff on July 8, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
My love and I were lying in the garden, counting stars
We talked about the tunes they like to sing
She told me that she once had lunch with men who came from Mars
My love and I can talk of anything

My love and I discussed the way the stars are badly strewn
And planned a trip to tidy up the sky
But then we both decided that we’d fly around the moon
I thought I better wear a suit and tie

The rocket from the garden shed is not the latest kind
But has the space for just the two of us
We asked the next door neighbours if they really wouldn’t mind
To count us down and not to make much fuss

It’s fun when you are weightless and your lover starts to float
I really think that you should try it too
A pity that the moon is not a little more remote
We got there with some things still left to do

The side we see from Earth is not the best the moon can boast
The party town is on the other side
The Moonies King is lots of fun and makes a perfect host
He’s only three foot tall and rather wide

We order up some cocktails and a plate of little snacks
And danced the night away to Lunar Rock
The booze is rather cheap up there (they don’t pay any tax)
And Moonies man the bar all round the clock

We left at dawn to fly back home (all evenings have to end)
The rocket trip was lots of fun once more
I recommend the Moon’s far side to entertain a friend
I wonder why we never went before.

Author notes
The moon seems to crop up in a lot of my poems, it was suggested I visit it

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