Après Nous, le Déluge

Après Nous, le Déluge
by cricketjeff on June 11, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
It won’t be long until we’re underwater,
These Summer showers are interspersed with rain.
The English weather won’t do what it ought’a
There’s too much rain too gurgle down the drain.

A thunderstorm can be a pleasant feature
When temperatures climb higher than you like
But constant rain depresses every creature
That’s any less aquatic than a pike.

What’s happened to the balmy days of Summer,
Which made a life much easier to take?
I look around at colleagues growing glummer
As parks and streets become one muddy lake.

The lowering clouds have washed our smiles away
Now every cricket card says “Rain Stopped Play”

Author notes
The South East of England had the whole of June’s average rainfall in the last
18 hours, it isn’t forecast to stop any time soon.