At your brightest

At your brightest
by cricketjeff on September 18, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
No I didn’t see the roses when you walked across the park
      They were beautiful but you’re beyond compare
And the rainbow left me wishing that the sky was clear and dark
      The sort of night I know you love to share
There were strawberries and ice-cream but to me they were not sweet
I have tasted you in kisses and desserts cannot compete

Though the water fell like crystal as it sparkled in the sun
      I could only see the sunlight in your hair
Other couples giggled brightly at the showground full of fun
      But I hardly noticed other folk were there
For you filled my heart with promise and your voice was in my mind
If our lives are treasure hunting then I’ve nothing left to find

Stood on England’s highest mountain with a view across the sea
      But it wasn’t rolling hills that made me stare
There was nothing in the distance like the vision next to me
      Shining brighter than the wildest solar flare
All the time that we were walking I was elsewhere in my head
And the hills I would be scaling were your contours in our bed

On the beach away from strangers golden sand that stretched for miles
      Wasn’t tanned to pure perfection like your skin
And the sea though warm and playful didn’t tempt me like your smiles
      As your opened lips requested I walk in
Anywhere we go together you are all that I can see
And when you are standing by me are the times that I am free

In the moment of my waking when the dawn turns into day
      Other men believe the sun provides the light
But these others are misguided and they don’t have you for play
      And they haven’t been beside you through the night
You’re my sunshine in the morning all night long you are my Moon
But you’re shining at your brightest making love all afternoon!

Author notes
In case you couldn’t guess I chose the “light” option, and before I get
comments wishing to be me, it’s a poem not a diary entry!