Bagels Boats and Belfast

Bagels Boats and Belfast
by cricketjeff on March 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Through Bangla Town in search of Bagels
Brick Lane boasts the best there are
I’ll have salt beef, you get cream cheese
On this much filling we’ll go far
Cup of tea and cup of coffee
Seat outside the world walks by
Diversity is walking past us
Spring with sun and clear blue sky
On a bus to cross the River

Tower Bridge is quite a show
Walk along to see the Belfast
That is not so far to go
Boats are passing by the Tower

In the sun it looks divine
Final action buy an ice-cream
Stop to savour flavours fine
Lunchtime over time for working
Taxi to the plane at two
Lunchtime jaunts are such a pleasure
Next-time shall I come to you

Author notes
Pictures coming but taking a lot longer than intended. had to upgrade camera
firmware to get them off!

Th rest will be here tomorrow.