Bed time

Bed time
by cricketjeff on January 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I placed my arm around your waist.
Upon my shoulder, lies your head.
I kiss your forehead for a taste.
It’s time for bed.

You lift your head to kiss my lips.
Our tongues compete to enter in.
Your hand beneath my t-shirt slips.
We must begin.

And now you stand in front on me.
Our lips are joined in warm embrace.
Upon my bum your hands roam free.
I find my place.

My clothes just seem to melt away.
As yours are falling to the floor.
Hands and lips are still at play.
We’re through the door.

We find the stairs are hard to climb,
Our loving play we will not stop.
I lift your body so sublime.
We reach the top.

You hold me where my passions rise.
I have to follow where you’ve led.
With giggles from us both we find –
We are in bed…

Author notes
I hope that meets the bill