by cricketjeff on February 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I find that it is beddy time
And I should pen some fluffy rhyme
So I can sleep with dreams sublime
No more tears tonight

So now the time has come for bed
I’ll empty warfare from my head
And put some nice dreams there instead
No more news tonight

A hoard of girls all nearly bare
A bevy in their underwear
All chasing me without a care
Is that my dream tonight

Or just one girl, upon a yacht
Ten million won with my first shot
The biggest shock I ever got
A winners dream tonight?

Ah no, I know just what to do
A gift that’s given to a few
I’ll go to sleep and dream of you
A perfect dream tonight!

Author notes
I’ve been writing triplet sonnets for a while, it was time for a real triplet!