Beneath the stars

Beneath the stars
by cricketjeff on November 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
We’d lie with one another where the blooms of love are strewn
    Beneath our dreams and perfect star-filled skies
The soft seductions of our hearts just witnessed by the moon
    Who knows the way we feel and hears our sighs
Who needs to go inside to sleep when nights are framed like this
Where lovers find the harmony to slip away to bliss

The dark of night erupts in light when fingers feel the way
    And gentle little giggles let me know
That I am right and you’ll delight in games I want to play
    When lips meet lips and passions start to glow
Who needs to find a bed for love when stars can see each kiss
And I can see enough of you to know that you’re in bliss

The warmth thats found when doubts are drowned in congress born of love
    The way two hearts can make a single beat
The friendly ground absorbs the sound while branches bow above
    The cold of night is broken by the heat
Who needs to seek authority such love can’t be remiss
For you and I will own the sky and float away to bliss