But what is a meta actually for?

But what is a meta actually for?
by cricketjeff on May 30, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I want to taste your poetry
The tang, the scent, the zest.
To hear the regal pagentry
That dreams you to the rest.
I feel the words you write to me,
I hear them in my head.
The pages all recite to me,
They drag me off to bed.
Your sonnet started purplely –
With bouncing words and rhyme.
The couplet seemed to burp for me,
Each stanza gave a chime.
New metaphors were conical,
They filtered me away.
The size was astronomical,
It tickled off the day.
You never thought to sandpaper
The letters in each line.
To get a long and slow taper
That’s like a glass of wine.
Inside my head my mini-mes
Are helping me to think,
So now I find I synesthese
It’s driven me to drink!!!