Christmas Day

Christmas Day
by cricketjeff on December 25, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
There’s tea in bed and stockings, lots of silly things to share,
Then bacon, tea and chatter, and a turkey to prepare.
The children come so presents, while we drink and pass the time,
A glass of wine, some shortbread and more tea can’t be a crime.
There’s photographs of laughter and an album of the past,
Three DVDs with extras (David Tennant’s in the cast).
A puzzle that will drive me mad, a keyboard on my tie,
Unwrapping comfy slippers, playing songs of days gone by.
The turkey’s in the oven and I’m doing spuds and more,
While joining in the talk and dropping juices on the floor.
The veg needs careful timing, but there’s Pratchett on TV
And sorting who needs what to drink, without forgetting me.
The sausages, the stuffing, are the parsnips nearly done?
The meat is out and resting and the carving will be fun

Too much to eat, we’re groaning, better wait before dessert
A toffee apple tray-bake, cream (both double and a squirt)
A dob of brandy butter helps it slither down inside
I tried to be a good boy, but perhaps that’s “nearly tried”.
The washing-up’s for others now’s the time for me to dose
Replete and stuffed to bursting from my hair-roots to my toes!