Christmas time

Christmas time
by cricketjeff on December 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Each Christmas time means family, and lots to eat and drink
      And walking in the woods to ease the load
We talk to friends and hear their news and settle down to think
      And eat some more to see if we’ll explode
And Christmas time means Dr Who and girls in too much rouge
And Patrick Stewart must appear as Ebeneezer Scrooge

My daughter likes to be the hub of all the fun and games
      My eldest son adores to have a moan
I know that they will squabble and make up inventive names
      I’m pleased the two of them have never grown
And Christmas time means time to cook and sausages and ham
And sneaking in the kitchen for a Yorkshire pud and jam

My youngest son has been away at university
      He’s back to tell us tales of every deed
While number two drinks coffee and the rest of us drink tea
      And contemplate a turkey load of greed
And Christmas time means books to read and presents to unwrap
A pretty girl plays Peter Pan with lots of thigh to slap

Then off to see my Mum and Dad and Auntie Buddy too
      The roads are clear and driving there is fun
There’s pictures of my siblings and some chat of all that’s new
      And kisses are exchanged with everyone
And Christmas time means poetry to no-one else but me
I settle down when they’re asleep and writing sets me free

I choose my favourite verses and decide which ones to read
        And know that I’ll enjoy all that you write
The lines and words all trickle in as water for the seed
        That’s sure to grow to happy dreams tonight
And Christmas time means so much more since I encountered you
The New Year seems to beckon with so many things to do

It’s boxing day the sky is blue I’m smiling at the sky
      The Robin’s singing songs of days like this
My wooden aeroplane is here suggesting I should fly
      To find a place where I could find some bliss
And Christmas time means dreaming dreams of all that we could be
And in my heart on every day the dreams are you and me