Cold and frosty

Cold and frosty
by cricketjeff on October 25, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The world is cold and frosty but my bed is snug and warm
And Monday morning work holds no appeal
My brain is being bossy “Time to get up and perform”
My body snuggles down and says “get real!”
“There’s no-way they will notice if we’re in a little late
An extra hour of dozing will improve our mental state”

My brain took some convincing but it has no legs or arms
And can’t get up without my body’s aid
So we’re lying here relaxing in the soft seductive charms
Of bed, the finest refuge ever made
But one delight can rouse me, mind and body will agree
It’s worth the cold of Monday if you get a cup of tea!

I’m on the train and grumpy and I’ll wake up very soon
Elevenses will help without a doubt
And maybe I’ll be ready by around mid-afternoon
To face the World without a fractious pout
It’s Monday and it’s freezing but I have to earn my crust
But come the time for leaving and you won’t see me for dust!