by cricketjeff on January 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Lets all sunbathe at dead of night
Get so relaxed we die of fright
Warm ourselves in the boiling snow
And stare in awe at the stars below.

Gather round so we’re apart
Finish our game before we start
Drink the food we didn’t bring
Then all together we’ll silently sing

A bustling party, with nobody there
Safe indoors in the open air
Music so loud you can hear a pin drop
Faster and faster we almost stop

Sitting down we jive and twist
Each one on his own is glad to assist
Eating the wine that nobody poured
The band didn’t play so we had to applaud

If you think my party is strange you are wrong
It finished so quick that it’s still going on
Just hurry along leave your coat at the door
There is plenty of room, and there’s space for no more.
Author notes
I am not sure when I frst heard it, or something like it, I would guess at 40
years ago and in London. We also had
I went to the cinema tomorrow
And bought a front seat at the back
I fell from the stalls to the gallery
And broke a front bone in my back

I have heard many versions of your dead boys, too many to be able to recite a
consistent one.