Contrasting destinies

Contrasting destinies
by cricketjeff on July 29, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Was held within the limits of my mind
Where liberty is just a form of dreaming
A palace that is always brightly gleaming
And not a treasure one can hope to find
I’d locked the door and left my life behind
Although I knew my heart was really screaming
I never thought that I would be redeeming
My ticket to a world that’s unconfined

Then you arrived to show me something new
And suddenly I saw the window bars
I needed to escape to be with you
To fly together out amongst the stars
It’s easy to accept such limitation
Until a goddess brings your liberation


What chance is there to understand the mind
That’s freely lent to innocence and dreaming
And lost within the beauty and the gleaming
Of treasures that were left for you to find
No trace of you is ever left behind
When all of life is filled with happy screaming
Of ecstasy that’s busily redeeming
A life that’s sweet and always unconfined

All misery would then be something new
A presence in unsanitary bars
I dare not wait to drown myself with you
In cellars hidden far below the stars
You’ve made a millstone of your limitation
And live in dread of sudden liberation

Author notes
A dyad of Petrachan sonnets, I wrote the first and then the second happened, I
don’t think I like it much! So I shall also poet the first sonnet on its own.